Juice Press manufactures commercial grade cold press juice machinery.  Engineered by leading professionals, Juice Press has employed innovative engineering to cater for the growing demand in the latest technology on an industry level. Juice Press takes forward thinking and a decade of industry insider knowledge to construct quality equipment for all users. Built to last, Juice Press has not only employed revolutionary engineering techniques but has incorporated élite features exclusive to the premium Norpress 1. Our prevailing expertise in cold press manufacturing improves national standards providing our clients with a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving industry.

Juice Press is in the enviable position of being small enough to offer personal contact with the owners of each business, yet big enough to provide the most sophisticated technology in Australia.

Warning!! American hydraulic juice machines like the Good Nature X1, do not meet Australian safety standards.

The Juice Press difference:

Easy installation
Precision speed control with variable speed driver on the shred unit
Greater plate surface area allowing for bigger press bags
15 ton pressing capacity
Auto cycle mode
Auto turn off
Full wash down
All ip 65 rated
Compliant to Australian safety standards
Phase power not required